Friday, July 13, 2012

Will I ever get there?

Like a lot of aspiring authors, getting a major project off the ground is a challenging effort at best.  Add the element of working full time and managing a home, the attempt becomes a major effort.  

I find myself more frustrated day in and day out with trying to get the goal of my first book published.  Setting aside the needed time to do it become harder and harder.   I rally against the seemingly insurmountable task of getting this off the ground.

Additionally, due to my lack of education, I find I struggle with punctuation and grammer in so many areas of my writing.  I didn't realize how much I lacked until a friend began helping me edit my book, chapter by chapter.  One day she brought an edited chapter to me and quipped, "I feel like a school teacher with a big red pen and I'm sorry." I smiled and assured her this was exactly what I wanted her to do, but I couldn't help thinking inside how useless I feel in that regard.

The desire to write still fuels me on and it is the total love of the characters and story that keeps me sane. But quoting Morpheus from The Matrix, not being able to spend time doing what you feel you were born to do is like a "splinter in the mind".  

One day I hope to have a big pair of tweezers! 

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