Sunday, August 26, 2012


Ah! Back at my computer, writing my little heart out.  It feels like it has been forever, but finally I am able to sit down and work.

I had an art show on August 18th at the Covedale Arts Center and that took a lot of prep time away from writing.  But the show was really good.  Always good to hear what others thought of my art.  I didn't sell anything, because no one wanted prints.  I'm certainly not going to part with my originals, much to the chagrin of fellow artists in the tent next to me.  It was so appalling to them that I wouldn't part with them, even when I had offers to buy them.  But I frowned and wanted to ask, "Excuse me, could you part with your children?"

Yesterday was the car wash to raise money for the making of The Hardship movie.  That was fun and great to meet people who wanted to support the military.  We had to correct their thinking to let them know it was to raise money for a movie and not for the actual military.  I'm not sure how much we raised, but every little bit will help get this movie to screen.

A few weeks ago, the producer had asked me to come up with about 10 to 15 minutes of scenes to be used to film and subsequently made into the trailer.  This trailer will only be use to post online to raise funding.  

So I diligently ran through the most important scenes from which to glean the basics of the story.  I sent those to her feeling good about what I had selected.  She returned that back to me with an outline of what she'd like to see instead.  It was a little different than the script, but her being the producer and in charge, I wrote a trailer based on her ideas, and not so much what the script contains.  I hope this does not interfere with the funding in anyvway, but as a writer, sometimes you have to give the people in charge what they want, much like any job.

They plan on filming the trailer in the next couple of weeks.

Elemental edits are coming along nicely, albeit slowly.  I am in awe of Allison Cassatta who can crank those out without breaking a sweat, but I am very slow at editing my stuff.  I am on Chapter 7 of an 19 Chapter book.  Then I go through the arduous task of corrections once my friend has read through and found errors.    I cannot wait to get to the point of inquiry letters to publishers for this story. if my life cannot get get hectic enough, I am forming a production company with an acting friend of mine, who divides her time between her and LA.  Our first project slated is my script, "The Invisible Rainbow" (which Allison Cassatta did the artwork for!).  So many exciting things to look forward to.

I must keep moving....moving....moving!