Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy 4th

Hello again!  I hope if you are in the US that your 4th of July was a great one.  Mine has been fantastic!  Nothing like celebrating our birth as a country.

The Sentinel’s Insurgency is currently in the editing phases with the publisher.  I hope to soon have a release date for it.   It’s been pretty exciting going through the editing process and the cover design.  I cannot wait until you’ll be able to see the finished product. 

The Hardship is moving along with a new executive producer being brought on board.  I met with both executive producers last month and I’m excited to see the enthusiasm for my script!   The biggest challenge thus far for this independent production company is funding.  But I know the hurdle with be jumped soon. 

The Veiled is completed and with my beta readers for suggestion.  So far, I’ve received some great comments, like “I love it!”

And finally, an author has interviewed me by the name of Johanna Rae.  Please check it out,

Happy reading and love to you all!

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