Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hello!! I'm sorry I have not posted in a while. I've been keeping my nose to the grindstone as it were.  As a writer, I have so many WIPs (works in progress) that develop a beginning and then need to remain where they are until such time as I can devote more time to them. I don't like leaving my characters hanging waiting for my attention, but you have to learn the fine art of balancing between writing current works, promoting finished works and developing or recording story ideas. At times, it is a schizophrenic proposition. Throw in there moving from book or story writing to script writing and you have a few challenges to overcome; but I am happy to bring you up to date on a few items.

"The Sentinel's Insurgency"

I'm extremely happy to announce "The Sentinel Insurgency" has been picked up for publication. I'm tremendously excited about the process this will go through with the publisher. I've signed the contracts and will begin the editing process shortly. I don't know why, but I am looking forward to the cover design the most. I am totally interested in how the artist will interpret the story into a single image. I suppose that process is particularly appealing to me because of my own art work.

One item regarding this, although I write mostly young adult fiction, "The Sentinel Insurgency" is a decidedly adult story with adult themes. It is not in the romance genre, but deals with items that might not be appropriate for a younger audience. However, I am tremendously proud of the story and how this might develop into a full book at a later date.

I'll keep you up to date on the release date as soon as it is available.

"The Veiled" aka "Breaking Shadows"

This is a current work in progress and one I am very excited about. This is a paranormal story that has some action, romance and a little bit of horror if you will. This story started off with a single scene I could not get out of my head, and the characters banged around in my head until I started writing them down. The start of the story was such that, I wasn't sure it was going to be horror or a straight story. I've never written horror, but the beginning was dark and mysterious to the point of I didn't know if the characters were good guys or bad. I let them tell me. I can't wait to get this one done and pitched to a publisher!

"Elemental Awakening"

The book is finished, and I have an agent that is currently interested in signing me for this book. I'm psyched! The story of Caelum was one that I've carried with me for 3 years, and I'm so ready to introduce him to the world.

"Light Bringer"

I've put this story on hold for now. So I don't have any updates at the moment. Vander and Sada are patiently waiting for me to finish telling their story!

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